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Large Diameter RBC Systems

Biological treatment stage for small to medium to large sized wastewater treatment plants.

Hannah Environmental Equipment Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of KEE\Klargester products in Canada.

No other company in North America is permitted to produce this equipment.

General Features

  • Simplicity of design leading to considerable savings in civil engineering design and installation costs.

  • Cost effective.

  • High efficiency, proven performance and reliability.

  • Standard modules sized generally in accordance with BS 6297.

  • Larger flows catered for by installation of multiple RBCs.
  • Easy to install.

  • Treatment for populations up to 1500 persons equivalent within a single module.

  • Low specific media surface area to volume density range for carbonaceous BOD removal.

  • High specific media surface area to volume density range for nitrification.

  • Unique Managed Flow technology incorporated as standard.
Large Diameter RBC System


  • Biological treatment stage for medium to large sized wastewater treatment plants providing carbonaceous BOD removal and/or nitrification.

  • To replace, or supplement, existing overloaded biological treatment stages in domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

  • Used as biological treatment stage of the KEE Process Managed Flow Modular Treatment system - an economical, flexible and adaptable wastewater treatment package.

RBC Configuration

  • Single RBC unit can be configured with any one or combination of specific media surface area to volume density.

  • Multiple RBC units can be tailored to suit process requirements.

RBC Construction
  • Shaft constructed from hollow, circular steel tube with stub shaft assemblies attached at both ends.

  • Media - the biomass carrier - is supported on the RBC shaft through galvanised structural steel framework.

  • The complete RBC shaft assembly is driven by a direct coupled, shaft mounted electric geared motor.
RBC Construction and Assembly

For more information on Waste Water Treatment equipment we supply, please visit the KEE website at www.keeprocess.com.
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