'Hannah Environmental Equipment Inc  

Shotcrete and Concrete

Hannah Environmental Equipment Inc. and Coaster Concrete have partnered up to provide a complete package of services for the environmental industry. As a team we are able to supply complete upgrades for clear wells and new installations for the wastewater market.

Coaster Concrete

Mission Statement

Coaster Concrete is dedicated to providing the Canadian market with quality Shotcrete and concrete needs.


Commonly used products include:


Gunite (dry mix process)
MS-D1 (Normal Shotcrete)
MS-D3 (accelerated Shotcrete with synthetic fibres)

Compressive strength varies depending upon mixture, but normally range from 30-60 MPA.


Polyurethane Resin, used to stop water leak and activates upon contact with water.



Shotcrete application includes Clear wells, Bridge overpass, Tunnel, Mines, Dams, Slope stabilization, pools and much more.

Injection applications include any concrete structure that has water seepage problems. This would include clear wells, basins, foundations, buildings and wastewater treatment plants. Epoxy injection stops water leaks and welds cracks together.


Coaster Concrete also supplies quality repairs and finishing for concrete surfaces.

Coaster Concrete

Company overview

Coaster Concrete is owned and operated by Alain and Leo Willcot. Alain Willcot is ACI approved and has 11 years experience in both vertical and overhead Shotcrete applications.

Leo Willcot has 25 years experience in the concrete industry. Leo has been involved in large-scale project involving bridges, culverts, high rises, parking garages and crane base, 10 of the past 25 years as the site supervisor.

As a team, Alain and Leo can provide all your concrete needs from injection, forming, finishing to Shotcrete.

Coaster Concrete

On Site Modifications
Mechanical Assembly
Site Management
Mechanical Consulting
Complete Overhauls
Shotcrete Application
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