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Baffle Curtain Installation

Simon Hannah is the inspector for Canadian installations of ETP products. This title came during our first installation of baffle curtains. Carter Damp of ETP was so impressed with the work he saw that he requested Simon be the inspector for all Canadian installations. This quality service is the cornerstone of our business.


With 29 years of mechanical experience, we can provide the means to get your treatment plant up to date and fully operational.

Additional Services

  • Routine Mechanical Inspections
  • Bearing Repairs
  • Stub-end Replacement
  • Complete Overhauls
  • Processing and Odour Control
  • On Site Modifications
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Site Management
  • Mechanical Consulting
  • Installation
Shotcrete and Concrete

Hannah Environment Equipment Inc. and Coaster Concrete have partnered up to provide a complete package of services for the environmental industry. As a team we are able to supply complete upgrades for clear wells and new installations for the wastewater market. Read more..
Contact Information
For more information on the services Hannah Environmental Equipment Inc. can provide, please contact our service team using one of the methods below:


(613) 254-7475
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